ESSENZA – jennii_russo

Why did you pick this picture? 
I think this picture has been one of the best I’ve ever realized… With my art I try to transmit emotions and moods and this work expresses madness.

Where did the idea for this art come from?

I had to participate in a contest about the “face” but I did not want to represent the typical beauty or the perfection; so I chose a feeling (the madness) and I tried to portray it with a worped face.

What does this art means to you?

It represents the essence of my art, because I don’t like perfect portraits; I prefer to represent particular people. I think there is a certain pleasure in being strange.

what can you tell us about yourself? 

I’m a 19 years old artist from Italy. I love painting and sculpting and I’d like to be known for my work.

What more can you tell us about your art? 

I try to express myself with my art, without words.

To see more of jennii_russo’s art please follow the link below to see their Instagram page 

"C'è un certo piacere nell'essere pazzi e solo i pazzi lo conoscono".

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