Nefertiti – thefloorhugger

Why Did You Pick This Picture?
This was one of my first tries piece at polygonal portraits, historical figures, and using artistic discretion to recreate missing details. Personally, I love how both simple and very complex this piece and subject are.

Where Did The Idea For This Art Come From?

As I was putting together a University portfolio to get into a school here in Canada, I wanted to make pieces that represented myself more than just my “talent” upfront. The way I see it, the natural details and passion will shine through if I want to make the piece for me. I got the idea to recreate Queen Nefertiti from my early love of Ancient Egypt and the mysterious queen.

What Does This Art Mean To You?

To me it means complex beauty presented very simplistically, a lost queen recreated in modern style, and a mysterious yet captivating image.

What Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

Well, online I’m know as thefloorhugger, a Youtube Content Creator and artist. Offline, I’m Mariah and still an artist. I will be 23 as of September 11th. I was accepted into the art university of my dreams for illustration and will be attending next year in2017. I am also an avid gamer, I’ve been known to tinker, I’ve dabbled in photography, and I can make a mean cheesecake. If you want to see more of my work go to my artstation:

What More Can You Tell Us About Your Art?

I am learning, changing, and growing with my art. While I still have my core styles of polygonal art and zen type drawings I like to try everything. I believe in trying a new medium every month I never want to take for granted that so many styles, influences, supplies, and opportunities are out there waiting to be explored. 
To see more of thefloorhugger’s work please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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