My ape – anglzb_art

Why did you pick this picture? 

I pick this picture because i’m really proud of this draw, i love apes and monkeys.
Where did this idea come from? 

I had the idea to do this when i saw the film “Dawn of the planet of the apes”.
Why does this picture mean so much to you? 

It means for me two of my biggest loves: art and animals
What can you tell us about yourself? 

i studied art a few years but i love paint since i was little. I’ve been sick time and dedicate this time to paint, this helps me and relaxes.
What can you tell s about your art?

i like to use all the styles i know and learn new too, i use oil paintind, pencil, charcoal, pen, markers, aceylic paint… I paint a lot of things like gods, monsters, animals, landscapes, Mythological beings, sculptures, naked..
If you would like to see more of anglzb_art’s work please follow the link below to their Instagram 

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