Selfies – kittyfiddler 

Why did you pick this picture? 

It’s the most recent self portrait I created in university about self expression and how you would express your personality in one “selfie”.
What does this mean picture mean to you? 
The portrait tries to express how I open myself and create open wounds to cut the flowers out of my heart to please others, following the quote my dad has said to me since I was little “Cold hands, warm heart”, it shows the warmth that you can’t ignore but my own hands and eyes are cold and shows that the love I could give to myself is given to others
What can you tell us about yourself: 

I’m a typical 19 year old student studying illustration in the university of Lincoln, I have an unhealthy obsession with tea and plants and although doing an art degree, I hate creating art because I end up exploring parts of myself I don’t want to relive, but it helps with the healing process of learning about what you are. As well as art I write my my own poetry, I can’t express myself unless it’s a metaphor or laced in pink and delicate decorations. 

What more can you tell us about your art: 

I mostly focus on using ink and water colour, and I centre my work on me most the time but university is teaching me to create work for clients and to tailor my work to attract wider audiences so the more recent things i create are about world problems or just experimentation

To see more of kittyfiddler’s work click the link below to go to her Instagram account 

"Cold hands, warm heart" 💙

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