Pingpong Momayya – reeuserene

Why did you pick this picture? 

Every piece of art that i do have a memory associated to it . The memory associated to the picture that i have chosen is the closest to me. I was transported to a different world , completely cut off. Hence i decided to share this art which is closest to my heart,
Where did the idea come from:
Every piece of an art needs inspiration . An art without inspirationis like the sky without the stars. 
This piece was inspired by the change in the weather. This art was done when the weather was changing from winter to spring.
A little about myself:

I am an architect by profession , but a self taught artist . I have always been interested in art and music . I would like to completely immerse myself in the field of art.
A little something about my art:

I do art only when i am inspired. The inspiration can come from any source , from a talk to someone , to watching the rains , to seeing something beautiful.

Hence my art has variation . Some days i love to do penwork , while somedays i immerse myself into painting.

 I do variety of work including customising shoes , sketching , making bookmarks, painting , making customised bags. 

To see more of reeuserene’s work please click on the link below to see more of her work 

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