My head is a jungle – ellamcn_illustrations

Why did you pick this picture?

I picked this picture because it resembles my personality, and the way my mind is always full of new ideas. 
Where did the idea come from? 

this piece of art was actually inspired by the title of my favourite song ‘my head is a jungle’ 

Why does this mean so much to you?

this piece means a lot to me because it is the first self portrait I have done and it really reflects my slightly crazy personality 

What can you tell us about yourself? 

I am an individual who always wants a new challenge for example I have just started taking Spanish lessons

What more can you tell us about your art? 

my artwork is often inspired by nature, I love to travel, so I often keep a art travel journal and then use that as reference for any pieces I do.

If you would like to see more of ellamcn_illustrations please click the link below for their Instagram account 

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