Les Fleurs – darth_scrawl

Why did you pick this picture?
I like how it turned out- I love drawing flowers!
where did the idea come from?
The idea for this was from a self portrait brief- my name is Fleur and the first thing people say to me is “oh that means flower in French!”
what does this picture mean to you?
To me, this self portrait is a celebration of the beauty of my name and its meaning and the contrast between the femininity of the flowers and my own brazen facial features
what can you tell us about your self?
I am studying Illustration at Lincoln university in England. I love all things Star Wars and am a massive comic fan, especially Harley Quinn who has been a favorite since childhood. I am also part of a Paranormal Investigation team.
what more can you tell us about your art?
My art is an eclectic mix of embroidery and stitching and detailed pen and watercolor pieces. I am most inspired by the work of Chris Riddell and Bruce Timm.
to see more of Fleur’s work please click on the link below to go to her instagram account

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