Our imagination – pinstriper.pl

Why did you pick this picture? 
Resambles sunset scene but it’s only our imagination that suggest such explanation. It’s all my art actually is – imagination playground. In abstract creation we seek familiarity. In shapes & colors we find something that we know
Where did the idea come from? 

It’s not the idea that comes first… It’s just a moment captured during the process of creation. Idea comes next

I guess this pic, like many others – is just undeniably, unquestionably beautiful. You don’t fully understand what is it that your eyes see, or how it was created – but if there’s one thing that you are sure of – it is beautiful. And I am sure that you’re sure – and this feeling blows me away every single day!

What more can I tell you about my art?

There are a lot of secrets which I can’t discuss… Most of my works are pictures of details made as “work in progress”. It means that the process of creation is much more interesting, spectacular than the finnished painting. I’m hoping to get prints available for purchase soon.

To view more of pinstriper.pl’s please follow the link below to his Instagram account 

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