Maddie Ziegler – yovandarizky

Why did you pick this picture? 

I made this drawing cause I love Maddie Ziegler, she’s a gorgeous dancer, I know her when I watched Sia’s video clip so I thought it would be amazing if I could draw her. 
Where did the idea come from? 

The idea come from Sia’s video clip, the tittle’s ‘Big Girls Cry’, that’s amazing video clip, it showed a lot of expressions (sad, confuse, happy, etc) and that expression is one of the best expression from the video. 

Why does the picture mean so much to you? 

This picture’s mean so much cause for me, it shows shocked and sad expression, when you really can’t handle all of your problems, you wanna scream it out, tell the world that you can’t stand up anymore but you can’t do anything with it 

tell us a little something about yourself? 

I’m from Indonesia, I lived in Bali since I was born, I’m 18th. I start to draw realistic since I was in Junior high school and now I study at Udayana University, the major’s Food Science and Technology (cause I love food so much!). 
To see more of yovandarizky’s work please click the link below to go his Instagram account 

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