Matty Healy – eyoungpaint 

Why did you pick this picture? 

I choose this picture of Matty Healy (lead singer of The 1975) to paint because it was a side profile that was simple enough to put my own style in it. He is also wearing headphones in the original photograph which implies his love of music. I then used another image of flowers to layer/incorporate into the portrait and background. In early 2014, I discovered The 1975 and became a fan from then on. I paint people who aspire me in life and who has a creative existence that feeds into my soul.

Where did the idea come from? 

The idea of the painting came from The 1975 ‘s aesthetic and me being a portrait painter. Matty Healy is the forefront of the band and I wanted to represent his and the bands aesthetic. The 1975’s music/lyrics are honestly expressed in Matty’s writing but the ideas are

Why does this mean so much to you? 

This painting means a lot to me because it was when I really started loving the band and getting to know their music and who they are as creative people. This painting also jump-started my artistic career through social media. It got a lot of praise from other fans and from Matty himself (he has the original painting that I gave to him in 2014). It is still a favorite among the fan base and to me as well.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I live in Indiana and teach art at a Jr/Sr high school. I have been teaching art for 5 years, going into my 6th year. I love teaching and I also love being an artist; my job allows me to do both.

Tell us more about your art

5. I really started painting and creating my own art in 2014. I have always loved realism and portraiture. It challenged me as an artist. But I also lived abstract art too. I found artists that inspired my style of painting (Hung Liu, Jen Mann, Marco Mazzoni). I paint portraits of people (mostly musicians) because their music or creative influence has “sparked” something in me, which creates some kind of connection. I design my compositions so that the subject matter and background are unified

To look at more of eyoungpaint’s art please click on the link below for his Instagram account 

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