Sculpture – divineartifacts

I am an artist and sculptor. My works are mostly figurative and I work in concrete, glass, marble, and wax. I used to to be an oil painter for 8 years but over time I found sculpting to be a more rewarding and satisfying way of working. I like the physicality of sculpting and working on something that exists in 3d space is a very different experience than painting. Luckily I was able to take many of my motifs from painting and apply them to sculpture. I also did a lot of still life painting which has helped my photography compositions immensely. In addition, I’ve studied good interior photos by photographers such as Debi Treloar and Ivan Terestchenko. I am relatively new to photography but find it very interesting and a great way to showcase my work on Instagram and Facebook.

This photo is of a small concrete figure that is colored by acid etching. I composed the photo in a way that best shows the color and form of the statue. I used the green book to set off the gold and browns of the sculpture. The flowers and glass are something that I often add to my photos to give a sense of scale, interest, and charm. This picture has a good division of space and color and I think it works pretty well.

The ideas for my sculptures come from my studies of early Italian and French sculpture as well as figure poses that I come across in books and such. I also like the look of ancient and broken sculpture fragments – the contrast between smooth form and rough bits is very interesting. I make most of my sculptures to be held which is partly why they are small. The coloration of the sculpture is the cumulation of much study in acid etching and oxidation of metals into concrete. 

 My neighbour is a ceramic artist and I get many ideas from her glazes and try to translate them into concrete stains. I also study much bronze work for patina ideas. The idea for the photograph comes mainly from my desire to show my sculptures in context. The idea to put small concrete sculptures in a home is a new idea and to help people understand I try to use home decor style photos , eg, staging the statue in a home interior with familiar things so people can visualize how the sculpture might look in their own home.  
I am a big believer in the value of the sculptor and artisan in society. Sculptures exist in the same spaces as people and therefore are a different experience than wall art. They are a very accessible and immediate medium which can bring much comfort and pleasure to people. I try to make sculpture that is beautiful, feels great in the hand, and gives some meaning to people. The simplicity of sculpture is very appealing, has little pretense, and is easy to understand. It is also a great way to improve the decor of any home.

To see more of divineartifacts work please follow the link below to his Instagram account 

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