Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald – Haduoken_

Why the picture? 
This is by far one of my favorite Pointillism Portraits that I have done

Where did the idea come from? 

 Lately I’ve being practicing different techniques to enhance my artwork and pointillism with is one of the techniques I am practicing currently!

Why does this picture mean so much?

 I’m a member of a jazz band and we are always encouraged to listen to jazz musicians from the past and present. This portrait is a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald that is one of the many I listen to, she is what I aspire to be as a musician and a person

What more can you tell us about your art? 

I will be making 2 more tributes of two other jazz musicians that I also look up to even if they have passed away.

And can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a 17 year old self-taught artists in Canada and I have much to learn!! I also make jewelry, and armor made out of Worbla!!

To see more of Haduoken_ art and picture please visit his Instagram with the link below 

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