Social media – loidl.anna_art

So why did you pick this picture?

I have seen it somewhere and thaught that it’s so sad that some people are so depressed that they have to do something like this. .

Where did the idea come from?

Just because some people bully them in social media or somewhere. So my sadness abou t this is my inspiration to draw this

What does the picture mean to you? 

so my emotional reaction of a photo or something I’ve seen is my inspiration to draw it. And I hope that my drawing set off the same reactions from the people who see it, like the photo set off in me

What more can you tell us about your art? 

If I like the picture I try to draw it. I think it’s just my life, lifestyle and something that I find interesting you see in my drawings, so I don’t really have a inspiration or something. I just draw photos.

To see more of Anna’s art work please click on her Instagram link below

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