Night Owl – alexis_artwork14

Why did you pick this picture?
Because it represented well my approach to graphics via simple geometric shape that is the heart of my work.
where did the idea come from?

I worked on a project in 3D “low poly” , that’s where I got the idea to apply this technique to a 2D Picture
what does this picture mean to you?

I never really thought , but I think my goal is to show through my project to a maximum of details with a minimum of complex shape.
tell us a little bit about yourself?

 I from belgium, I’m a graphic designer of 21 years and I studied for 2 years the digital arts in Brussels
To view more of alexis_artwork14 artwork please clink on the link below for her Instagram account 

#art #design #photoshop #geometry #lowpoly #owl #color#draw#retro

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